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Why Solar

With solar, you are in control of your energy costs

Why not become your own power provider? We want to show you how you can produce your own power for less than your current electric bill. Sounds like no brainer right?

Well it is, we make switching to solar easy.

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Energy, that changes how we live!

Solar power from the sun is the cheapest and most abundant source of power on the planet. So why aren’t more people using solar power? Well it turns out millions of homes and businesses have already made the switch. It’s a limitless inexhaustible source of power that anyone can tap into. Let us show you how easy it can be.

Most people go solar once or twice in their lives. You want it done right the first time. Our installation teams have spent decades improving the solar installation process. Rest assured, we are experts at what we do, and after 15,000 successful solar panel installations, we’ve learned how to overcome any obstacle.

All our solar installations come standard with 25yrs service and equipment warranty. From system design to installation and beyond with annual solar check ups. Our core focus is your satisfaction and the success of your project.

Make the switch to solar and start saving.

Types of Applications

We service all types of roofs, If you have clay, concrete, composite, flat roof or need a ground mount. We have you covered!

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Why Go Solar Now?
The number one reason people go solar is to save money. Solar is predictable power and you save as soon as your system is energized. If you can upgrade your home, save money in the process and it doesn’t cost anything upfront. Why not go solar?

$0 Upfront Cost

Nothing out of pocket, pay for solar monthly after your system is installed. 

Fully Transferable

You can transfer your low locked in solar rate or pay off the system at any time.

Predictable Payments

With our solar program your monthly payment will never change and eventually you pay off the system.

Increase Home Value

Zillow research confirmed that solar homes sell for 4.1% more than comparable homes with no solar.

Government Incentives

Install now while Tax Credits are still available.

Own Your Source of Power

It’s about energy freedom and peace of mind.
The Flex Process

We make going solar as quick and simple as possible for our customers

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Our expert trained technicians will install your system.

Start saving on your monthly energy bill. 

Frequently Asked Questions
Have questions? We’ve got answers.
If you can afford to pay your electric bill you can afford to go solar. 0 money down options available make going solar easy for homeowners to start to save on their electric bills as soon as solar is installed and energized.
First step towards going solar is reviewing your homes last 12mos usage and total electric cost. This will determine how many solar panels you need and how much you can potentially save. The easiest way to get this information is online. Go to your utilities website and total up your last year’s KWHs and cost. If you keep all your electric bills, you can total them manually or you can always call your utility. They can give you the info over the phone or help you set up an online account.
As long as you have available roof space and minimal shade, we service most roofs. Schedule your free solar assessment today and we will help you determine if your roof qualifies.
The actual installation is usually only 1-2 days. The majority of the process is getting necessary permissions from the city/county, HOA if applicable and your local utility. You will have a dedicated project manager to submit all required paperwork, god bless them. After you submit your free energy evaluation. A team member will reach out within 24hrs to review solar options for your home. If solar is a good fit and you decide to move forward the process beginning to end is 30-60 days on average to be installed and turned on.

Our installation partners offer extended service for both workmanship and equipment warranties for 25yrs. In writing upfront, before we inspect your home. There are two guarantees. You receive a 25 year equipment performance guarantee from the manufacturer and 25 year workmanship guarantee from our installation partners.

Monitoring of your solar system is included, you will be able to track your solar production daily, weekly or annually. You will also notice a dramatic reduction to your electric bill. In the unlikely event your system is not performing to estimates your 25yr service warranty covers any labor or equipment needed to keep your system operating at peak performance.
Yes, after going solar you will still receive an electric bill every month. NEM or net energy metering allows you to store your extra energy in the form of credits on your bill. As long as your solar panels are producing 100% or more power over a 12month relevant period you are only required to pay basic connection fees or what are called NBCs (non-bypassable charges).
As long as you own your solar system and didn’t lease it appraisers will give you value you for it. Studies have confirmed in established solar markets like California that home values increased 4% or more when homes are equipped with solar power.
Solar is fully transferable; you can transfer your low locked in solar rate or pay off the system at any time. In the event of a sale please notify our installation partner so they can provide you the necessary paperwork to transfer the warranties and guarantees to the new owner(s).

Don’t like to be sold, neither do we. But we love to provide great service and we are bold enough to think we can change the world for the better. Flex Advisors offers a free consultation and if qualified will connect you with verified trusted contractors. Since we are non-exclusive it allows us to compare the best installers and our project cost usually come in under market. You save money and we simply provide excellent service.

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