About Flex Advisors

Energy, that’s changing how we live!

Abundant Energy is all around us, we want to help you tap into it. Our mission is simple, sustainability starts at home. Flex Advisors is a network of licensed home improvement professionals. We can help you harness solar energy from our sun or the kinetic energy of moving water.

Who We Help

If you’re not happy with your current electric bill or poor water quality in your home, you’re in the right place!

How We Help

We educate homeowners how to switch to solar power and clean water for your home, cost effective options that improve your bottom line and won’t break the bank.

Who We Don't Help

If we can’t save you money or your home doesn’t qualify.

What We Do

Transform your home from a consumer of electricity to a producer. Energy savings you can feel every month, every year for at least 25yrs Guaranteed!

Monitors and records your energy production clocking every KWH like a car odometer. You can track your production from any smart device.

Earn CREDITS on your electric bill when your meter run backwards using the utility grid for energy storage.

Backup power during a grid blackout. Save money by storing your energy to use during peak (TOU) Time-Of Use electric rates.

Powered by Kinetic Energy, enjoy cleaner better tasting water without worry or concern, protect your homes plumbing, appliances and save money.

Learn About Our Founder

Dan Nachreiner – Founder

My name is Dan Nachreiner and I am the founder of Flex Advisors, Family of Licensed Energy Experts.

I have 20yrs experience working in the Solar and Financial industries. In my previous role I served as Market Sales Director. In my tenure I helped my company grow from 300 to over 8000 solar installations. While in the finance industry, I worked with household names such as LendingTree and Homeloancenter.

I’m an expert in solar finance and home water filtration. I believe in two essential human needs: Quality Water and Affordable Power. I bring a practical approach to solving these problems that homeowners face. I love helping people save money, improving their quality of life and lowering our collective carbon footprint on the planet.

I am passionate about clean water and reducing our demand on fossil fuels. I realize these are serious problems, but I try not to take myself too seriously. If you’re interested in learning more about Solar or Water Filtration. Please submit your information. We look forward to speaking with you!

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